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A cinematic wedding film is an art form in which a story is told. The story is told through speeches, video clips, audio soundtrack(s), and other words spoken ( Poruwa, toasts, vows, prayers, etc.) .

This Style of Video is not much long Mostly a Highlight of the day presented in a creative style which you can watch over and over without yawn.

Cinematic Wedding Film is a collaborative effort with the couple and the professional. All parties must agree that to achieve the best cinematic film a little prep goes a long way. Couples can plan to write love letters to one another.

The film is shot very intentionally where a we will more than likely shoot in a creative manner to best tell the story. This will include creative angles that will help move the story along.

We “Light and Magic” will weave in and out of the highlights of a wedding day and craft a piece of art that tells a brand-new story.

A documentary wedding filming video will typically play for the viewer the events as they happened and how they happened (chronologically).

A documentary/traditional videographer will plan, shoot, and edit with much creativity involved.

A good traditional videographer will have a good plan for how the day will go. The specifics and timeline should be enough to put together a solid documentary wedding video