30 Greatest Quotes And Hugot Lines From Filipino Movies

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<p>Who will forget the lines of Maricel Soriano in the 1983 movie Saan Darating Ang Umaga? This movie centers on a family in which their source of joy becomes the cause of all their grief. A superb acting and feisty portrayal of the role Shayne that will surely make you cry. It is a dramatic scene between the mother (Nida Blanca) and her daughter (Maricel Soriano). These lines only prove how good she is in portraying roles and catching the attention of the viewers. Truly, Maricel is one of the best actresses in the country.</p>
<p><iframe width=Love should not be a heavy feeling; it should not make you suffer. Love should make you happy. It’s a smile in the heart, it makes you come alive, love makes you want to fly, you know…

— Sharon Cuneta

These kilig lines from the movie P.S. I Love You made me giggle all the time. Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion’s loveteam is considered as one of the most remarkable and bankable in the Philippine entertainment industry. Until now some of their fans are still wishing for another movie from them. Sharon and Gabby played the role of two teenagers who are trapped in the conflicted world of their parents.

Mamamatay ka na nga lang, gusto mo pa akong kilalanin. Anak ka ng teteng.

— Bong Revilla

Aside from classic films, we have also unforgettable lines from actions movies. Alyas Pogi: Birador ng Nueva Ecija is 1990 movie directed by Joey Del Rosario. It stars Bong Revilla in the titular character and Janice de Belen. This is the first installment of the Alyas Pogi movie series.

Kung may ranggo ang mga tanga, heneral ka.

— Robin Padilla

A famous lines in the 1990 action movie Walang Awa Kung Pumatay stars Robin Padilla and Rita Avila. Robin Padilla played the character of Narding, a son of a policeman who was killed when Narding was still a little boy. When he grows up, he became a member of a gang and involved in situations that forced him to do unsavory things. He was later accused of murdering the daughter of his boss.

Kung walang kikilos, sinong kikilos? Kung di ngayon, kailan pa?

— Vilma Santos

These lines are taken from the movie Sister Stella L. played in titular role by award-winning actress Vilma Santos. The movie is directed by Mike De Leon that centers on the story of a nun who struggles against injustice and government oppression.

Johnny Delgado: Iba talaga ang ex-convict. Tumatapang.

Eddie Garcia: Hindi ako matapang, Bitong. Duwag ka lang.

Chanda Romero: Hoy babae, hindi pa tayo tapos!

Sharon Cuneta: Kung saan, kailan, at sa paanong paraan. Magpasabi ka lang, hindi kita uurungan!

This is another famous lines from Sharon Cuneta’s movie Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin? An argument between her and Chanda Romero in which Sharon is being “palaban”. Sharon played the character of Myrna who at a young age marries Lito (Christopher De Leon). Because of unpreparedness and immatureness their relationship were ruined when Lito gets into a relationship with Glacilda (Chanda Romero).

Hostage-taker: Huwag kayong lalapit. Papatayin ko itong babaeng ito.

Eddie Garcia: E di patayin mo. Bakit? Kabit ko ba ‘yan?

Magdusa Ka

— Nida Blanca

The movie Magdusa Ka is one of the most notable and well-celebrated movies that garnered numerous awards from various film organizations such as the Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP), Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) and Urian in 1986. The movie was directed by multi-awarded actor Eddie Garcia and boasts of an enviable cast of dramatic actors such as Dina Bonnevie, Christopher de Leon, Dindo Fernando and the late Nida Blanca.

When Dina Bonnevie realizes that this life of luxury only brought her more pain, she tries to come back to her mother but she is now closing her doors to her. She must learn to suffer with the consequences of her actions and in the process mend the things she unintentionally destroyed.

Oo, inaamin ko, saging lang kami. Pero maghanap ka ng puno sa buong Pilipinas, saging lang ang may puso! Saging lang ang may puso!

— Mark Lapid

Daniel Giron is an honest cop from the city who returns home to the province to aid his father in the latter’s fight against illegal logging. But they find themselves up against the evil Don Valderos one of the most notorious and immoral illegal loggers in town, who also happens to be the father of Catherine, a woman he once fell in love with. Together with his mother Mercedes and his friends led by Ogoy-Ogoy Daniel continues the fight his father started. How far will Daniel go to fight for what is right? And how far will he go to fight for the woman he loves?

Eddie Garcia: Marami ka pang bigas na kakainin!

Fernando Poe Jr.: Hindi ako kumakain ng bigas, Major. Sinasaing ko muna para maging kanin bago ko kainin. Ikaw Major, palay pa lang, kinakain mo na.

Santos, kung bubunutin mo ang baril mo, tiyakin mo lang na papatay ka. Kung hindi, ikaw ang papatayin

— Fernando Poe Jr.

FPJ plays the role of a honest policeman dishonorably removed from the service. With .45 gun in his hand, he took the law in his own hand. Nothing left but his honor and integrity, he’s out to prove his innocence.

Vilma: Ako ang asawa, kasama sa buhay, kasiping sa kama.

Maricel: At ako naman ang anak. Ang anak, hindi napapalitan. Pero ang asawa, nahihiwalayan.

Totoo pala na ang ahas, sa lahat ng hayop, ay walang sinasamahan kundi kapwa ahas. Kaya pala magkakasama kayo rito ngayon.

— Fernando Poe Jr.

Oo ate, oo ate…Puro na lang ako oo ate….

— Sharon Cuneta

Si Val! Si Val! Palagi na lang si Val! Ang walang malay na si Val!

— Vilma Santos

The story revolves around the life of Val, a mentally retarded man. His elder brother Rick got his girlfriend Stella pregnant, so Rick coerced Stella to marry Val to avoid scandal. But even in Val’s pitiful state, it was amazing that Val learned to love and care for Stella. As time passed, Stella also learned to love his husband back. But a tragedy is destined to end this otherwise beautiful story of true love.

Kung sa Cavite, hindi ka nagsisimba, dito sa Tondo, magsisimba ka ng may bulak sa ilong.

— Fernando Poe Jr.

Puwede ba’ng makausap ang asawa ko, na asawa mo, na asawa ng bayan?

— Laurice Guillen

My Brother is not a pig! My brother is not a pig! Ang kapatid ko’y tao hindi baboy damo! Hindi baboy damo ang kapatid ko!

— Nora Aunor

Colonel, lumabas ka na sa tinataguan mo. Gagawin kong alkansya ng bala ‘yang bao ng ulo mo.

— Bong Revilla

Hoy, kalbo! Pulis ako!

— Mikey Arroyo

Once, Twice, Three times? Gaano kadalas ang minsan?

— Hilda Koronel

Gutay-gutay na’ng katawan ko, pati kaluluwa ko gutay-gutay na rin.

— Sharon Cuneta

Para kang karinderyang bukas sa sinumang gusto kumain!

— Vilma Santos

You’re nothing but a second-rate, trying hard copycat!

— Cherie Gil

Trabaho lang ito. Walang personalan.

— Rudy Fernandez

Kailangan mo ba ko dahil mahal mo ko? O mahal mo ba ko dahil kailangan mo ako?

— Claudine Barretto

Ikaw ang matalino! Ikaw ang maganda! Ikaw ang mahal ng itay! Malandi! Haliparot! Inagaw mo ang lahat sa akin! Lahaaaatt!!

— Maricel Soriano

Walang himala! Ang himala ay nasa puso ng tao, nasa puso nating lahat! Tayo ang gumagawa ng himala, tayo ang gumagawa ng mga sumpa at ng mga Diyos, walang himala!

— Nora Aunor

Isang Bala Ka Lang!

— Fernando Poe Jr.


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