auto parts::Led headlights for Car

Excellent light output & quick delivery.

I buy the led headlight from website:,I just got my lights today. Because of virus problem, all shipping is delay, I wasn’t originally expecting them until the 12th of may but they shipped them early. I installed them on my 1998 Saturn SL2.

The reduced score for the ease of install was not because of the kit but because of my car. Only one of the light sockets permitted being able to achieve the necessary horizontal firing of the LED’s sadly. I had to remove the lock ring from bulb & install that into the light fixture then use high temperature sensor safe silicon sealant to glue them in & stand halo headlights [just click the following document] there & hold them for a half an hour with them turned on to assist. In setting the glue. Only on of the high beam light fixtures permitted install with the LED’s facing the correct direction, all others were a pain in the neck to install thanks to Saturns engineering.

Well you might ask how do they work? Incredibly well. At fist I thought they were a little underpowered but once I got out on the road I changed my mind. These are killer bright out on the open road. Where the road was dry these definately put down a white sheet of light, even on high beam though it may seam less impressive at first on high beam out on a deserted highway they were absolutely impressive. I pulled over in greenwater Washington, opened the hood & checked the temperature of the heatsinks on the bulbs after running on high beam close to 20 minutes straight as there were very few cars on this road & the bulbs were no more than Luke warm to the touch. For all their brightness they ran very cool. They should last a very long time on my vehicle due to excellent cooling.

About my car, my low beams turn off when on high beam. Under this condition you get to really see how these lights perform on high beam. Cars that leave the low beam turned on leave too much light up right in front of car, this causes eye pupals to close down & limits the perceived effectiveness of the high beam lights. Without the low beams interfering you can see how really bright these lights are. I’ll say it again these lights are really bright. Maybe not quite HID bright but not far from it. They were very close to my Dodge Avenger that I had Morimoto HID’s on the low beams & Vleds LED’s on high beam on that car. There were very close in on the road perceived brightness both love & high beam if I held the dimmer switch in part way to activate both high & low beams at once at least temporarily.

Time will tell how long they will last but I suspect it will be a very long time.