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During a round of golf, you will have to address the ball dozens of times. Not only that but you need to maintain your golf stance over a period of several hours too! So the first point is that you need to be able to maintain your concentration and the second point is that you need a good degree of fitness. Work on these two peripheral aspects of your game and you will feel the benefits to your stance. You may have a perfect golf stance at the start of a round but a lack of concentration and fitness can play havoc with it later in the round – very frustrating as you know that you can do better.But what makes a good golf stance in the first place? And what can you do to keep it up to scratch during a game? I will start at ground level and work my way up.The feet should be about shoulder width and slightly turned out for balance and asics asics hockey shoes ireland mobility. If your feet are too close together, you will find that balance is an issue. If they are too far apart, asics onitsuka tiger ireland it tends to inhibit the turning movement ofthe body. During a round of golf, asics asics mens running shoes ireland if you are getting this wrong on the back nine, it is probably a concentration issue. So when setting up for a shot, always consider the correct positioning of the feet. Obvious eh? But just ask yourself if you do this every game and if the answer is no, ask yourself why?The ankles need to flex and turn throughout the golf swing so it is important to maintain that flexibility throughout the round. This is a fitness thing, strengthen your calf muscles through exercise and asics asics volleyball shoes ireland keep them supple through regular stretching exercises.You constantly need to adjust your height, according to which club you are using. You achieve this by bending at your hips and knees. So this is a fitness thing too. Late in a round, if your thigh muscles are aching or you are fighting to stay in position for the shot because your leg strength is shot, that is going to be a big problem to accuracy and distance. So regularly exercise and strengthen your thigh muscles.During the golfswing, you should tilt forward from the hips. Many players will start to tilt using the lower back later in a round. This is not good for your swing as mobility is impaired. This can be both a concentration issue and a fitness issue. So exercise your hams and lower back muscles. And when you set up for a shot – EVERY SHOT – consider if you are tilting from the hips or the back.That links in to the upper spine position – that should be straight, you should not look like that famous Parisian hunchback!! This too is a concentration and fitness issue. Make sure that before each shot you have pulled your shoulders back so that any tendency to a hump back is reduced. Get used to that by consciously pulling back your shoulders at every opportunity during every day – it will soon become a habit. You can also help yourself here by exercising and stretching your upper body muscle groups on a regular basis.Well folks, that’s about it, so if you follow these simple tips you should be able to maintain a good golf stance throughout your game. Article Tags: Golf Stance